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So, It got annoying signing in and out of different usernames, so my dear friend biter invited me to post my icons over at witty_comeback with her. So, go friend witty_comeback if you want to keep up with my icons! :D
I know I know, how lame, I keep moving around. But this is the LAST MOVE.. I promise! :D

This is the graphic journal for telltale, here you will find all of my current and past icons, banners, wallpapers, etc.
About the name piehouserat. It was inspired by Rian Johnson's film brick. Brick, in my eyes, is one of the best films ever.

I hate rules. but sadly, I have a few.
one MUST credit. Taking people's art and claiming it as yours is really really sucky. So dont do it.
two Comments are nice too, just to know who's taking the icons.
three Do not modify icons. Textless icons are NOT bases unless noted.
four Feel free to friend this journal, and ENJOY!


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